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San Pedro Streetscape - San Jose

San Jose, CA

Design - completed 2000

Construction - completed 2001

As a prime consultant, R & M prepared this $3 million project including roadway, drainage, pavement, utility relocation, signal, lighting and landscape. PS&E for the premier outdoor dining district in Downtown San Jose for the City of San Jose DPW Architectural Engineering Division. San Pedro Street provides conduits for the downtown power grid: as a result, extensive coordination with PG&E was required.

Hamilton Avenue Streetscape - City of Menlo Park

Menlo Park, CA

Design - completed 2001

Construction - completed 2003

The City of Menlo Park retained R & M to develop preliminary and final design plans for the Hamilton Avenue Streetscape Project in the historic Belle Haven Neighborhood. The project limits were from Willow Road to Chilco Street, a distance of approximately 2500 feet. The $7 million project includes the following construction components; construction new side walk, curb and gutter; construction of new and relocated drainage inlets; street reconstruction and pavement overlay; replacement of street lights with pedestrian friendly lighting; addition of new street trees and irrigation; construction of traffic calming features, including intersection pavers and bulbouts.  

International Boulevard Streetscape- Oakland

Oakland, CA

Design - completed PSR & PR in 2005

Construction - TBC

The City of Oakland retained R & M to prepare construction documents and PSR/PR for a $4 million high-profile streetscape and widening project along a 2 mile section of International Blvd, between 40 to 44th, 70th to 75th, 80th to 89th and 105th to Durant Avenue, which is also Caltrans SR-185. This project includes sidewalk widening for pedestrians and bus pad, construction of medians, modifications to traffic striping and crosswalks, street drainage, a 35 ft high landmark structure, transit plaza, utility relocation and signal modifications. Architectural elements include hardscape design, trees and other landscape, pedestrian lights, street furniture and kiosks. 



Almaden Boulevard Streetscape - San Jose

San Jose, CA

Design - completed 1998

Construction - completed 2000

As a prime consultant to the City of San Jose, R & M prepared roadway, drainage, pavement, utility relocation, signal, lighting and landscape PS&E for the final segment of signature Palm Tree and median improvements in Downtown San Jose. Special attention was paid to traffic controls along this highly visible and heavily traveled arterial street.