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12th Street Reconstruction Project

Oakland, CA

Design - completed 2010

Construction - completed 2013

R & M was retained by City of Oakland for preparation of Traffic Analysis, Environmental Documents, Preliminary and Final design plans and Construction period services. R& M also coordinated with technical specialists and expert. We reviewed geometric standards, sign and marking standards. The project includes reconfiguration of roadways the south end of Lake Merritt, design of one cast in place box girder vehicular bridge (145 feet long and 132 feet wide), one prefabricated steel truss pedestrian bridge, nine retaining structures, modifications to impacted traffic signals, design of a new and improved drainage system, and relocation of impacted utilities. The project also involves improving access to the Kaiser Convention Center and Laney College, replacing unsafe and unsightly pedestrian tunnels with at grade signalized crosswalks, and improvements to bicycle lanes.

Bridges / Structures


San Thomas Aquino / Saratoga Creek Trail - City of Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA

Design - completed 2006

Construction - completed 2008

All encompassing project planning, environmental clearance, project permitting and project design were managed by R & M. The project involves construction of an improved pedestrian/bicycle trail along the existing San Thomas Aquino Creek corridor from Scott Boulevard to Monroe Street in Santa Clara. The pavement structural section for the 1.25 mile long trail consists of asphalt concrete or portland cement concrete. To avoid conflict with vehicular traffic, the trail was designed to go under Central Expressway, Walsh Ave, Caltrain railroad tracks and Monroe Street. Work in the creek included demolition of existing concrete channel lining and wall, construction of retaining walls to support the path, and rip-rap and concrete slope protection for the creek bank and drainage pipe outfalls. HEC-2 hydraulic model received from Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) was modified to depict project conditions and to ascertain hydraulic impacts of the new path encroaching into the creek, especially at the undercrossing locations. A Hydraulic Report was prepared and gained SCVWD approval. SCVWD also reviewed an approved the drainage plans and details prepared for the project.  The total acreage in the project area subject to Army Corps of Engineers and California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) jurisdiction was determined as 7.21 acres. 


I-680 Corridor Widening

Fremont, CA

Design - completed 1999

Construction - completed 2005

R & M was retained by the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (CMA) to prepare preliminary and final design plans for $10 million widening of the I-680 corridor between the northern and southern limits of Alameda County. As a follow up  project, R & M prepared PS&E for construction of soundwalls at 7 different locations with an approximate total length of 6.0 km along the I-680 corridor. The project design includes sound walls, retaining walls, drainage systems and several grade beam structures supporting sound walls spanning 11 meters over major utilities. 


SR 4 - SR 160 Direct Ramps Project

Antioch, CA

Design - completed 2013

Construction - in progress

R & M was the Prime Consultant on this project.  R & M completed PS&E preparation for the completion of direct ramps between Route 160 and Route 4 in Antioch. This project is fast tracked to take advantage of BATA funding, with PS&E complete by mid 2013. The Project includes construction of direct ramps, three new bridges over UPRR, auxiliary lanes along Route 160 to Main Street, soundwall, drainage, storm water and ramp metering improvements. Close coordination with District 5, City of Byron and City of Antioch is underway.  


US-101/SR-85 Interchange HOV Direct Ramp Project

San Jose, CA 

Design - completed 2000

Construction - completed 2004

R & M was the prime consultant to prepare PR, PS&E for first HOV freeway to freeway direct ramp project in Santa Clara County. The project includes 2 miles of US 101 Widening, ramp metering, new median to median HOV direct ramp connector from Route 85 to Route 101 and preparation for Express Lanes for VTA. The cost of this project was $65 million.


US 101 Auxiliary Lanes / Widening

San Mateo, CA

Design - completed 2006

Construction - completed 2012

R & M completed, as a Prime Consultant, PS&E for the $125 million widening of US 101, which includes northbound and southbound auxiliary lanes and reconstruction of the Peninsula Avenue Interchange. Replacement Peninsula Ave over crossing, construction of Broadway pedestrian over crossing, replacement of the Monte Diablo pedestrian over crossing, construction of 2 kilometeres of sound walls and construction of 8 new retaining walls.  The PS&E was delivered to Caltrans for review and bidding in July 2006. Caltrans awarded the project for construction in February 2007.


Route 101 / Willow Road Interchange & Willow Road Extension Project

Nipomo, CA

Design - completed 2010

Construction - completed 2012

R & M was the Prime Consultant to the County of San Luis Obispo, to prepare project development documents and final design for the Route 101 / Willow Road interchange and the Willow Road Extension in Nipomo. R & M completed all geometric design, traffic studies, design exception fact sheets, right of way data sheets, project reports, plans, specifications and estimates for the project. R & M also provided construction support as an independent engineer, which includes review of contractor's submittals, responding to contractor's RFI's, reviewing alternative construction methods and materials, making intermittent field visits and providing solutions to construction issues encountered on site.


I-10/Etiwanda Avenue Interchange Modification

Ontario, CA

Design - completed 2000

Construction - completed 2002

R & M as the Prime Consultant was responsible for the preparation of preliminary and final design plans for the reconstruction of the I-10, Etiwanda and Valley Boulevard interchange and roadway system. Construction including grading, drainage, roadways, signals, ramp metering, culverts, new ramp separation structure and electrical work. This project consisted of reconstruction of the I-10/Etiwanda Avenue Interchange from full cloverleaf to a partial cloverleaf design, reconstruction of the I-10/Valley Boulevard directional ramps to a new south roadway, construction of new auxiliary lanes on I-10, between I-15 and Etiwanda Avenue and construction of a new 2-bridge span ove the UPRR and San Sevaine Flood Control Channel.


Eight Mile Road Interchange Improvement Project

Stockton, CA

Design - completed 2005

Construction - completed 2006

R & M was the Prime Consultant under contract to the City of Stockton to upgrade an existing narrow diamond interchange, in concert with the 1200 acre Spanos West Project in North Stockton. The project is located on Interstate 5 at Eight Mile Road. The project is widening Eight Mile Road to an eight lane cross section under I-5, with widening accomplished by tie-back walls adjacent to bridge abutments. The cost of this project was $8 million.


Name of Assignment or Project : 7th Street Improvements – City of Oakland

Year : October 2005- March 2012                   

Location : California, USA

Client : City of Oakland

Project Construction Cost: USD $2 Million

Main Project Features :

The project components include construction of a new pedestrain underpass and a bypass channel and gate along Lake Merritt Channel below 7th Street, multi-use pathways, new signalized pedestrain crossing at 7th Street, new lightings for existing pedestrain underpass, repair of existing staircases from 7th Street, drainage and storm water treatment facilities and improved architectural, landscaping and lighting elements. R & M prepared Traffic Analysis, Environmental Document, preliminary and final design plans. 

R & M also coordinated with technical specialists and experts on this fast track project.

10th Street Reconstruction Project

Oakland, CA

Design - completed 2012

Construction - in progress

R & M was selected by the City of Oakland for this bridge project. The major part of the project involves construction of a new cast in place pre-stressed box girder bridge on 10th street to span over the Lake Merritt Channel and replace the existing box culvert in place. The total length of the project is 0.5 km and the cost of the project is estimated $13 million.